UpdateThis wiki will be used by students in BIOL 4504 Selected Topics in Biology: Tropical Ecology, a course at Northeastern State University. Students will research, write and edit a University-level paper on Tropical Ecology. You can help by reading their work and offering feedback. You can can also help by checking their work for possible copyright violations. The students will contribute their own writing, and cite their sources. They may use Creative Commons content according to the terms of use. As students, they are learning and so may make mistakes. Please be gentle in letting them know when they may have used your material inappropriately.
Update (July 18, 2012): each student now has a dedicated page for their drafts.
Update (July 1, 2013): Summer 2013 students have been invited. Their user names have TE13_ appended at the front, although they are free to change this.
Update (2014): Summer 2014 students will have one student make a page with a summary and link to everyone's blogs.
Update(July 3, 2015): Everyone can read this wiki, but this year only the professor will have editing ability.
Update (July 7, 2016): Everyone can read this wiki but only Kay and I can make edits.nn